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This page features books I’ve written. Right now I have three books linked here, two novels in ebook format and an ecology guide I wrote quite awhile back. They’re all available via In the next few weeks I’ll post links to additional novels. Please stop by again soon, and please consider checking out the links here.


When respected political reporter Arnie Bacon digs too deeply into a Washington scandal, his world is suddenly thrown off its axis. Accused of fabricating a source, Arnie is fired from his job, jailed for contempt, and stripped of his Pulitzer. Broke and dispirited, his reputation in ruins, the former media luminary signs on with the only press outfit that will have him: the Weekly Shriek, a tawdry supermarket tabloid. In his new gig, Arnie soon comes to realize not all freaks are as benign as the Indian Rubber Girl or the Armadillo Kid. His tabloid wanderings lead him to the highest levels of U.S. power and a plot to foment worldwide mayhem (except this is fiction). To save the world from unending chaos, Arnie must concoct a plan as devious as that of his adversaries. It won’t be easy. Few believe anything he says, what he has to say is unbelievable, and the handful of misfits willing to listen are as discredited as he is.

“Shriek is an uproarious mixture of keen political satire and comic fabulism. Dennis Wall’s misadventures of Arnie Bacon, a journalist whose grocery-checkout tabloid features lead him to an investigation of unexpectedly high echelons of political power (including a disturbingly reminiscent vampiric Veep), had me laughing out loud.”              

                  —Steven Rosendale, author of Radical Relevance and American Radical and Reform Writers

“The possibility of truth in tabloid headlines, the possibility of Elvis, the possibility of a political revolution—Dennis Wall’s Shriek pushes us to the edges of possibility. As Shriek takes the reader through hope and despair, comedy and dark wisdom, we are left smarter, happier, and filled with wonder.”                                                                                 

—Nicole Walker, author of This Noisy Egg and Quench Your Thirst with Salt

“Contemporary fiction has a pitiful need for uproarious humor.  Dennis Wall’s Shriek is just what the fiction doctor ordered…a marvelous work of supernatural political satire that is witty, original, and funny.”  

                         –Allen Woodman, author of Saved by Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Cows Are Going to Paris, and many other fine books 



Anchor Watch is a novel I wrote nearly 30 years ago, when I lived in Austin, TX, and worked for Third Coast Magazine, the town’s premier city mag and a great place to cut my teeth in the writing business. It’s a story about deception and drug-running, which was a hot topic back then, though the action at that time occurred mainly along the Florida coast and beyond, as opposed to the Southwestern U.S.-Mexico border smuggling we see these days. Funny how things come back around; drug smuggling now occupies a hotter, and even more dangerous, place in the underside of our culture. And with all the focus on border security, it seems the Bahamas are once again becoming an active transit point for the smuggling of illicit substances to our hedonistic fellow citizens.

This is the story of three couples, all but one of whom embark on what should be a ten-day journey into paradise. But the conniving of one couple threatens to bring everyone to ruin. Along with the suspense aspects of the novel, each member of the crew is wrestling with her/his own personal demons, which contribute to the danger but also offer the promise of survival. I encourage you to check Anchor Watch out at, where you can preview the first several pages without risking the .99 I’m asking for this one. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a review if you do, and also let me know your thoughts on the novel directly thru this website. Thanks!








 Tangled Weave is a novel I wrote a long while back when I lived for a year in Knoxville, TN. I wasn’t a happy squatter at the time, so to make myself laugh I wrote an absurdist detective novel. This is it. I hope you like it.



Most of my nonfiction over the years has been for magazines and the like. Here’s a link to a book I wrote and photographed a while back. It’s called “Western National Wildlife Refuges (Museum of New Mexico Press). Through narrative and images, Western National Wildlife Refuges explores the ecology and management of 36 federal refuges from California to Texas. In producing the book, I tried to go beyond the standard travel guide format and offer a more personal look at these often-unappreciated wild places. Our federal refuges are national treasures on an overbuilt landscape, providing support and (to some degree) sanctuary for millions of our wild neighbors. Learn more by clicking on the book cover:



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